Ripped off by e wallet express


The company called ewallet express which is operated by navaho networks has stolen $37.00 from me. I began to use the company for online funding of absolute poker.

The account has been out of service for weeks on end and all I get is the corporate run around. The website looks like it always did until you try to do anything. This is when I get a note that upgrades are in progress. I have contacted them and asked for help.

In doing so I have received many one sentence replies that just say sorry there is nothing we can do. I asked Absolute Poker to check my account and was told that it is in good standing.

So they can hold the money indefinatly according to the agreement. I have been ripped off in my opinion.

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E wallet express has my money and wont send it to me.

Not resolved

E Wallet express is a money exchange for consumers to use for various web sites. They charge a percentage for deposits to the account and for withdrawals.

E wallet express has had my money since Nov. 12 and the only response I get is they are upgrading their computer system. They keep saying they do not have a time frame. Per their web site money transfer withdrawals take 7 to 10 days.

Anyone else having issues? I am pissed, they only take 1 day to withdraw money from your account and it has been a month trying to get my withdrawal and no reponses except automated one.

Monetary Loss: $1910.

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I won some money at Bingo and was forced to open a EWallet Express account in order to get that money, had to deposit $50 dollars of my money to open it with the promise that I would be able to get all of it within 5-10 business days. I called them and talk via live chat before opening this account to verify my safety and they said nothing about technical difficulties.

I put that money in around Nov 17th and still have none of it. They are now telling me they have NO idea when I can have it.

Reports out everywhere that they have been handed a warrant and all funds seized. I am wondering if I can contact my bank and claim fraud as they knew on Nov 12th that their funds were seized and couldn't give me my money theft if you ask me.


Im having same problem except my money is at the casino , Sands & Cleopatra online casino, and when I try and withdrawls money they say go to Ewallet Express which has been down so you are basically stuck.. so my 700.00 is gone.

Is this some scam between this company and casinoes????? HELP!

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